Disposable products for healthcare

  • Designing and selling products around the World.
  • Previously specializing in products for Cardiac Surgery, we have now moved on.
  • Most recent patent - a new CO2 Gas Diffuser for use during Cardiac Surgery.
  • TEMED now have a full range of disposable products which are used in the hospital ward, theater and intensive care setting.
  • Most TEMED products can be customized. Some units are even using their own specification disposable ECG lead sets.
  • All our disposable ECG lead sets come with grabbers for easy attachment to the ECG electrodes.

TEMED Electronic Catalogue

Welcome to the TEMED electronic catalogue. You can see that on the left hand side of the screen there are a number of menu options to choose from. Within this web site you will find information on most of the TEMED product range: We are always trying to improve our range of disposable medical products and therefore if you have any questions with regard to a product that you are interested in but do not see within our site, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find information about the following products on this site below. You can see that we have added in brackets the North American spelling to some descriptions.

TEMED Wound care

TEMED recognizes that one of the major issues within the hospital environment is that of infections. Many items within a hospital can be potential carriers of pathogenic microorganisms. Our goal is to provide doctors and nurses with the option of using disposable products where they feel that there is a benefit to the patient. Such items include ECG lead wires and SpO2 sensors.

In our eyes there does not seem to have been much change in the way that the majority of long term wounds have been treated over the years and therefore we also hope to soon been introducing a new product which should aid in the healing process.

Please remember that many of the products that we supply are protected by patents and design registrations. For more information you should refer to the IPO.

We hope that we can become your disposable ECG lead supplier. We are very happy to work from the pictures that you send us. Just send us a couple of pictures of the ECG lead connection/plug and we will endeavour to supply a product that meets your specification. We can supply the adaptors for your single use ECG set or your single use SpO2 sensor.

Contact TEMED(email)sales@temed.net(telephone)01243 572255 (fax) 01243 210079 (skype) temed.ecg (web)www.temed.net