Cardiac Suction

The atraumatic suckers designed and sold by TEMED have the function of removing fluid from the surgical field. The sump suckers are single patient use. There are two sizes of flexible sucker which have been designed to operate in as efficient a manor as possible, maximising flow while minimising the potential for trauma. Both sizes of sucker will continue to remove fluid even when all the side holes are exposed. The TEMED Suckers will not suck onto tissue due to the number of holes on the tip. Amongst the many benefits of having the distal section of the sucker made of surgical steel is the fact that each tip is able to be polished smooth in the manufacturing process therefore helping to minimise trauma during the surgical procedure. This is very different from plastic sucker tips which can be very rough to the touch due to the moulding process. The attention to detail continues with the transition between the weighted sucker tip and the tubing. There is a smooth transition between tip and tubing; the outer diameter of the tubing matches the outer diameter of the surgical steel suction tip.

There are two sizes of TEMED Sucker.

  • TEMED Mini Sucker. It has an outer diameter of 4.8 mm
  • TEMED Sucker. It has an outer diameter of 7.6 mm

Key benefits of the TEMED drop suckers

  • Atraumatic sucker
  • Smooth polished surface of metal tip
  • Smooth transition between tip and tubing
  • Efficient removal of blood and fluid
  • Remove fluid when side holes all exposed
  • Does not suck onto tissue
  • Inner and outer shaft manufactured from surgical steel and therefore tip is very heavy
  • Finds lowest position it is able due to weight
  • Consistency of suction
  • Dual lumen design helps keeps the TEMED sucker working when other sump suckers might block.

Other key features

  • Sterile single patient use
  • Double wrapped
  • Quarter inch tubing connection on end of sucker
  • P2525 TEMED Mini Sucker Line is 36cm long including the connector
  • P2524 TEMED Sucker Line is 44cm long including the connector

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