Cardiac Suction

The TEMED sucker is designed to remove fluid from the surgical field. The internal design and combination of materials mean that it is very efficient at removing fluid. The sucker tip is manufactured from surgical steel which means that its weight helps it to find the lowest position that it is able.

  • Standard disposable single use TEMED Sucker has a TEMED TIP which has an external diameter of 7.6mm.
  • Total length of the single patient use TEMED Sucker including connector is 44cm.
  • The connector on the end of the disposable TEMED Sucker Line is designed to fit 1/4 inch (quarter inch) tubing.
  • The code for the TEMED sump sucker is P2524.
  • Dual lumen design helps to keep the TEMED Sucker working when other sump suckers might block.
  • Smooth and flush design help the TEMED Sucker to be atraumatic
  • The TEMED TIP is manufactured from surgical steel and therefore it is extremely strong

The standard sized sucker with metal tip P2524 has an external diameter of 7.6mm and the mini sucker with metal tip P2525 has an external diameter of 4.8mm.

The key to how well the adult and paediatric sump suckers work is down to the internal shaft design and the weight of the product.

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