Part of our single use and disposable range of products.

TEMED is a supplier of haemoconcentrators to both NHS and Private Hospitals. The haemoconcentrator range means that the clinician can best match the desire of a certain filter rate to an ideal prime volume. The haemoconcentrators that we supply are pre-rinsed. The product arrives with the customer with the fibers slightly wet in an effort to minimise haemolysis.

All haemoconcentrators come with pre-attached tubing and waste bag. The haemoconcentrators come sterile double bagged. The small haemoconcentrators can be used on wide range of patient sizes depending how rapidly you want to draw fluid off. Details of the haemoconcentrator ultrafiltration rates are shown below. At 5ml prime we think that the D050 haemoconcentrators must have one of the lowest prime volumes of any haemoconcentrator/ hemoconcentrator available in the World of Perfusion and Cardiac Surgery.

Pre-connected with waste bag (with tap)

Code Description Prime Ultrafiltration rate Maximum TMP (mmHg)
M90062 0.3 Pre-connected 21 ml 14 ml/h/mmHg 600
M03264 0.7 Pre-connected 49 ml 32 ml/h/mmHg 600
M90072 0.9 Pre-connected 57 ml 41 ml/h/mmHg 600
M03265 1.2 Pre-connected 75 ml 55 ml/h/mmHg 600

Stand-alone micro haemoconcentrator/hemoconcentrator

M03662 0.05 Stand -alone 5 ml

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